1. Your dog must have an AKC registration number, PAL, ILP or Canine Partner number to compete.  You MUST have this number with you to fill out the forms.  You can easily go online to the AKC EVEN ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT, and get a Canine Partner number almost immediately upon payment to the AKC.


2.  One event form per dog per event.  If you are running an AM FAST CAT and a PM FAST CAT on the same day, you must fill out 2 Entry forms


3.  Dogs may wear any collar except a choker collar, prong collar or an electronic training collar. 


4.  All tags on the collar should be secure.  The event committee, as any time, can ask the exhibitor to remove the tags or secure the tags.  Owner takes full responsibility for the safety of the dog with regard to the dog's collar and paraphernalia on the dog.  it is not advised to wear a Halti or a harness.


5.  Please pay attention to the trial hours listed on the Premium List and know when the entries close for each event.