9 CATS hosted by Mobile Kennel Club

Licensed by the American Kennel Club

September 8th - September 12th, 2021

Early Entry

Early Entry (each dog/run) - $21
Early entry closes on August 25, 2021 at 12pm CST


Fun Runs - $5 (each dog/run)
Day of Test Entry (each dog/run)- $30

Cash or checks only – make checks payable to LCS, 9120 Airport Blvd, Ste N, Mobile, AL 36608

Canine Partner Registration

ALL Breeds must be individually registered with the AKC

This includes all AKC registered purebreds, Foundation Stock Service (FSS), Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) and AKC Canine Partners Spayed or Neutered Dogs, or dogs with breed disqualifications may be entered.

Not AKC registered? No problem!

If your Canine Partner is not yet registered with AKC, simply fill out the AKC Canine Enrollment Application online today. Once you are issued a number, you will be able to register early for a test through our website.


 You will need to complete an official AKC entry form for each dog, one entry per event number. A dog may only enter once per event, there is a separate fee for each dog and each test.

Early test entries through our website are $21 per dog per test. Check out our Premium Lists for an upcoming test near you.

Day of test entries are $30 per dog per test. Please print and fill out your Official AKC Entry Form, you must turn in your entry forms and fees to the Field Secretary before 2pm on the day of the test. Cash or checks only – make checks payable to LCS, 9120 Airport Blvd, Ste N, Mobile, AL 36608.


The Grounds
1035 Cody Rd N
Mobile, AL 36608

The GROUNDS are located approximately 5.5 miles west of I-6, off of exit 5A, Spring Hill Ave. Go west, Spring Hill Ave will turn into Ziegler Blvd. Continue straight, cross over Cody Rd. Show site is on the right.

Extra Tall Vehicles (over 13 ft high)

I-10 East or West toward Mobile, AL to I-65 North. Take 5B, Moffett Rd. **CAUTION** this is a VERY sharp turning ramp... **SLOW DOWN** Turn right on to Moffett Rd, follow approximately 5 miles, turn left on Cody Rd. Follow approximately 2 miles to Zeigler Blvd, turn right to destination.

I-65 South. Take 5B, Moffett Rd. **CAUTION** this is a short ramp... be prepared to stop. At end of ramp turn left, this in .25 mile, turn right on to Moffett Rd, follow approximately 5 miles turn on Cody Rd, follow approximately 2.5 miles to Zeigler Blvd, turn right to destination.


The pasture field has no amenities or shade available. Please ensure the comfort of you and your dogs by bringing your own portable shade/shelter and water.

Portable restrooms will be made available.

For the safety of the dog and as a courtesy to other entrants, a testing dog should have a reliable recall. A penalty of $10.00 may be assessed for any dog causing an excessive delay to the event because it cannot be recalled or retrieved from the field. Dogs that delay the event because their owners cannot recall them may be refused entry at future events.

The Huntmaster is responsible for field safety and therefore s/he is in complete charge of all dogs and handlers on the field. In service to this responsibility, s/he has the authority to stop the lure in any potentially dangerous situation and signal the handler to retrieve a testing dog. Listen to the Huntmaster and follow all instructions promptly and swiftly.

Any decisions made by the event's officiating judge(s) regarding the performance of an entered dog shall be final. Full discretionary power is given to the judge(s) to withhold any and all qualifications for lack of merit. The Judge(s) is responsible for ensuring compliance with the AKC Regulations on the field.

Exhibitors should follow their veterinarian's recommendation to assure their dogs are free of internal and external parasites, any communicable diseases and have appropriate vaccinations.

Coursing is an athletic activity that can tax a dog's physical strength. Dogs that are overweight and/or out of condition may be at greater risk for injury and exhaustion. The Inspection Committee has the authority to disallow a dog's entry into a test, and in such instances, applicable entry fees will be refunded.

AKC Event #

09/08/2021 AM - 2021043218
09/08/2021 PM - 2021043217
09/09/2021 AM - 2021043220
09/09/2021 PM - 2021043219
09/10/2021 AM - 2021043222
09/10/2021 PM - 2021043221
09/11/2021 AM - 2021043224
09/11/2021 PM - 2021043223
09/12/2021 AM - 2021043225


09/08/2021 AM - Matt Coughlin
09/08/2021 PM - Dan Elkes
09/09/2021 AM - Dan Elkes
09/09/2021 PM - Denise Eberhard
09/10/2021 AM - Denise Eberhard
09/10/2021 PM - Dan Elkes
09/11/2021 AM - Dan Elkes
09/11/2021 PM - Matt Coughlin
09/12/2021 AM - Denise Eberhard

Field Committee

FIELD CHAIRMAN - Brian Caberry
9120 Airport Rd, Ste N,
Mobile, AL 36608
(251) 459-4970
COMMITTEE - Members of MKC

Emergency Vet (On Call)

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Dog Friendly Motels

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RV & Overnight Parking

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Permission has been granted by the American Kennel Club for the holding of events under American Kennel Club Rules and Regulations