Welcome to Lure Coursing Specialists, LLC. 

We are 3 sighthound owners and dog enthusiasts that have been coursing our hounds for many years.  We are teaming up with All Breed clubs and other clubs to offer Coursing Ability Tests and FAST CATS to members and other coursing enthusiasts.  

Why course with us?  We know how to safely set up a field and run a lure since we are not only running our own dogs, but we have experience putting on trials, setting up the courses and the equipment as well as running the equipment. We are AKC Lure Coursing coursing judges for the sighthound trials as well as CAT and we are also  ASFA coursing judges.  We have been around Lure Coursing for many years and know under what conditions and on what fields we would run our dogs.  We want to bring that experience to you.